Every Precious Failure

by Busted Luster

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released June 15, 2015

Greg M. Smith



all rights reserved


Busted Luster Detroit, Michigan

Equally inspired by anti folk artists like Elliott Smith and Nick Drake as well as noisy guitar driven bands like Superchunk and Built to Spill, Busted luster is the songwriting project of Greg M Smith. The name literally means "broken glass" but it also is a reflection of life; how chaos and beauty often coexist in the same space. ... more

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Track Name: Lowell
I tried to block it out
I tried to go without
but I can't make it work
no I can't make it work
When everyday it seems the same
with my back up against the wall
my back up against the wall

Is there nothing real and nothing true
Is there nothing left to make it through

I don't have faith
I don't believe it will rescue me
or set me free
And all this talk
its been for naught;
its the same as it ever was
the same as it ever was
Track Name: Underwater
Lost; I get so lost
Everyday in my head
It gets late; it gets so late
but I'm still wide awake

I, I walk underwater
and you, you swim in the sky
and I, I shouldn't bother
with you, I shouldn't try

Days turn into weeks
sitting here in this room
and the clock, it will mock you
ticking down on its hands
Track Name: Fill the Blanks
It seems so right
when there's no light
But its not so smart
to live in the dark
What would you see
if you filled the blanks

you only notice when you're close up
and I
I liked you better with your clothes on

You've got a view
its cheap, its crude
But its in your head
toxic like lead
What would you see
if you filled the blanks
Track Name: Always Wrong
When I was a kid
the world seemed to big
It could unhinge its jaw
and swallow me whole

And I always hate being right
its never good
But now I can see
I don't have a clue

Even if I grit my teeth
or shut my eyes I won't fall asleep
I know my hope is on the run
is the place where I belong
Guess I am always wrong

I want to be fearlessly free
alone in your arms
and safe from the dark

And I always thought you knew best
you knew everything
But now I can see
you're as scared as me

Even if I grit my teeth
or shut my eyes I won't fall asleep
I know my hope is on the run
still I thought I could love some one
But I am always wrong
Track Name: Stop Motion
I can tell by the way we're just standing around nothing changes
Getting lost in a crowd, feeling up, falling down I'm so tired
Yeah I know it is true
Oh yeah but what can you do
Just tell me the truth is there something to lose or gain
with no ending in sight are we standing in line for more pain

Its all I want, Its all I need
To break the mold and tear the seams
But I will always be, yes I will always be
in stop motion

Everyday the pressure it mounts to get moving
All that you can think about is the time that you're losing
The end still seems so far away
Impatience is a curse